The Ultimate HOME Experience

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AVDI gives you the best of sound and video. We have the best that the industry has to offer… That’s the easy part, the part that is not soeasy is defining a space that epitomizes what you want, the feel you get when you watch a movie with your kids, or the game with your friends, when you lay the latest game. Theres watching then theres experiencing and we bring the experience.

Convenient Control

AVDI provides you with the technology you need to fulfill your unique needs and vision.  With AVDI you have options, you have control, you have true integration. Never wonder if you forgot to turn off the stove, forgot to shut the garage door or anythign else it’s all at your hand. Want to water the lawn while your on vacation, no sweat we can do that, had a hard day and ready for a warm bath . AVDI has exactly what you need.


AVDI exists to provide the technology your establishment needs to fulfill your unique menu needs. As time moves forward things change with a menu. From pricing to ingredients to new menu options and specials. With AVDI you are always up to date and ready to meet the ever changing needs of your business.

The Ultimate IN Low Voltage

AVDI provides the technology you need to fulfill your unique purpose and vision. We carry out this mission through our consulting, design, installation and support of professional – yet affordable – custom audio, video, lighting and whole smart home control systems.