Common Solutions to Your AV Issues

Many times, before submitting a service request, you can save time by checking a number of issues yourself. Following are some examples of common issues that can be fixed without submitting a request or having a costly and unneeded service visit.


Amp Issues?

Have you tried the following?:


  1. Make sure the Amp is not muted or has volume turned down.
  2. Check all connections.
  3. Make sure unit is plugged into a power source. (i.e. power cord is plugged into both the amp and the wall)
  4. Check all settings if you are having distorted sound issues. (Bass, volume, etc.)

Commonly, problems with your sound can be traced back to these issues. If you have tried these remedies and the problem persists, please submit an online service request by following this link: Service Request Form.

Television issues?

Have you tried the following?:


  1. Turn TV off and back on.
  2. Check inputs. Have they been changed? Switch inputs to make sure the unit is on the right input and to cycle inputs.
  3. Check connections both at TV and receiver.
  4. Check the HDMI connection from JAP unit (On rack. Just Add Power Unit, small blue box.) to the TV. Pull the HDMI cable out and plug it back in on both the TV and the JAP unit.
  5. Power Cycle – Unplug unit for 10-15 minutes and plug back in.

If You have tried all of this without success, please submit an online service request by following this link: Service Request Form.

Is your TV a Sharp unit?

To handle a Sharp RMA, we will need you to do the following along with submitting an online service request. Your cooperation in following these steps will speed up the process when one of our representatives contacts you to start the RMA process.

Pictures. Sharp will require the following pictures to be submitted to them at the beginning of this process.

  1. Serial number and Model number.
  2. A picture of the problem. If there is a picture problem, they will require various pictures. Examples:
    1. Take a photo of the TV with a game or show on that shows the damage. They will usually ask for two different programs or channels.
    2. A photo with the menu up with the damage showing.
    3. If the unit does not power on, just a picture of the front of unit.
    4. If the unit does not change inputs, menu items, etc. then just pictures of the menus that won’t work.
  3. Proof of purchase, For us to handle the RMA process, please try to have at least a rough idea of the age of the TV for reference to look up proof of purchase.
  4. Please email these pictures to us at

We are more than happy to assist you with the RMA process and ask only that you have followed the previous steps before submitting your service request at the following link: Service Request Form.

Other brands have a similar protocol. You can view instructions here.

All other services issues:

If your issues is more technical and not listed here, please submit an online service request here: Service Request Form, and we will handle your request in a timely manner in order of seriousness.

Broken Projectors:

Please follow this link: Projector RMA for broken projector information.



If this is a truly urgent situation, contact information can be found here.


Thank you for trusting AVDI with all of your AV needs and issues. Track the status of your service request by clicking this link: Service Status Spreadsheet