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Welcome to AVDI, the best of the best in the A/V, Automation, and Security business. AVDI is not just another A/V and install company. We are able to offer superior capabilities, products, and solutions for each and every unique situation.

Our experience working with everything from Casinos in Las Vegas to residential home theaters gives us a unique perspective on figuring out a realistic and cost effective way to not only give you the most bang for your buck, but to give you that bang without sacrificing quality, wow factor, or reliability.

We understand the need for a phenomenal A/V system that can deliver what the crowds demand. We not only understand, we deliver. We offer extremely competitive bids and schedule our projects in a manner that makes sure we are not overwhelmed and rushing. For your next install, we can be there on time and ready to go. Whether it is an upgrade or a new installation, we have everything you need to be the best of the best! Take a look at our galleries. Check out the testimonials. Make the right choice. Choose AVDI!

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  • 30 Oct 2014

    COMPANY NAME/LOCATION DATE FC STATUS DATE LC Bww-Coventry 5519 Coventry lane FTW, IN 46804 9/10/2014 closed 9/15/2014 Bww-Ypsilanti 216 James L. Hart PKWY 9/3/2014 closed 9/24/2014 bww-dearborn mi – 9/22/2014 closed 9/24/2014 bww-angola 9/22/2014 closed 9/28/2014 bww-st. clairsville ohio 9/3/2014 closed 9/24/2014 BWW-BARBOURSVILLE WV 9/25/2014 closed 9/25/2014 bww-lebanon 9/25/2014 CLOSED BWW-SHORT PUMP 9/25/2014 closed 9/26/2014 […]

  • What is Play Station TV and Why Would I Want It?

    15 Oct 2014

    Sony has finally launched their uber anticipated Play Station TV Console, and the price is something that has industry insiders predicting will allow Sony to carve a large path into the market place. Their price of $99.00 is on par with the competition, but the increased offerings by Sony through this device sets them apart […]

  • LG Goes Extreme High End with New Partnership

    10 Oct 2014

      LG Goes Extreme High End with New Partnership LG Electronics has just announced a new partnership that will allow them to offer something that no other TV manufacturer in the world can lay claim to. Their new offering is a high end premium OLED TV designed and manufactured with Austrian jewelry design house Swarovski. […]

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