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SI Black Diamond Tiled Screens



Shipping Soon!  A complete game-changer in large scale projection display, Black Diamond Tiles™ incorporates the most advanced ambient light rejection screen technology available. Benefiting from years of development and refinement, Black Diamond Tiles™ delivers a bright, brilliant image in nearly any environment eliminating the need for darkened viewing areas.  Black Diamond Tiles™ are well suited for a wide range of commercial venues and are designed for utmost versatility.

Black Diamond Tiles™ Screen Materials

Front-Pro – Black Diamond G3 2.7 Silver | Black Diamond G3 1.4 Black | Black Diamond G3 .8 Black

BD Difference circle2Black Diamond Difference

Unlike all other screen materials, Black Diamond absorbs ambient light from all directions and only selectively reflects back the projectors light.  The result is 900% more contrast in most conditions giving you the ability to utilize projection in any room environment.  Black Diamond also has huge benefits in a dark room, read more



Black Diamond Tiles ScalableScalable & Custom

Scalable & Custom

Black Diamond Tiles™ are completely customizable as well as scalable.  Neodymium magnets affix Black Diamond Tiles™ to our custom rigid frame creating a display of any size or aspect ratio, limited only by your imagination.  Each panel can be arranged in either landscape or portrait orientation for a unique, one-of-a-kind display with custom sizes available.





Black Diamond Tiles™ feature a modular design for easy specification, compact shipping, and fast service.  Difficult logistics, elevator shafts, and tight spaces are welcome.


Pure LED Back Lighting

New LED Back Lighting

Like Black Diamond Zero Edge™, Black Diamond Tiles™ supports LED backlighting, a simple yet underutilized technology that makes it easier for the human eye to watch bright content in a darkened room.  Backlighting reduces eyestrain and improves the cinematic experience while also complementing existing design and décor by adding warmth and ambiance. Zero Edge™ screens and Black Diamond Tiles™ by SI are the only ones on the market that can effectively support LED backlighting. This is because our frame designs were created to allow LED lighting to be embedded into the aluminum extrusion, thereby delivering perfectly angled light onto the surrounding walls.

New LED Lighting features include:

New LED Lighting features include:

  • Full perimeter LED lighting
  • Controllable via IR remote
  • 256,000 Colors including 6,500 Kelvin white
  • 20 Preset color selections for décor matching
  • 6 Custom color settings
  • 6 Light show patterns: Color scan, Fade and Step
  • 1,000 Incremental dimming levels

Pure Brackets

Mounting Options

Black Diamond Tiles™ can be as easily suspended from the ceiling by aircraft cables as it can be mounted to the wall.

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