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No Price Hike in Sight for Current Netflix Subscribers

No Price Hike in Sight for Current Netflix Subscribers

Great news for Netflix subscribers! It would appear that there will be no increase in your monthly subscription fees in the foreseeable future. While this is great news to most customers, it does have many scratching their heads and wondering why?


Considering that Netflix has grown into a huge company with over 44 million subscribers worldwide at the end of 2013, it is a safe bet that they could easily increase their monthly fee by as little as $1-3 dollars per customer per month, and see a huge increase in revenues and profits.  Even with the probable loss of some customers, the increase in subscription fees would more than make up for that loss.

Netflix has stated though that it will only raise their price by $1.00 per month, and that price increase only affects new customers. Current US customers are not supposed to see a price increase for at least two more years according to the company.

One reason Netflix does not want to rock the boat by raising prices, is that they want to remain competitive in the market place and not lose customers to other services like HULU Plus, REdbox Instant, Apple, Google, and Amazon.

It’s safe to say that in two years, if they keep their prices the same as they are currently, alot of the current competition will no longer be around to present a threat to them. It will be then that we see them start to raise their prices somewhat, so long as they maintain their current customer base and rising popularity.






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