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Why has DIRECTV Slowed the Addition of More HD Channels?

Why has DIRECTV Slowed the Addition of More HD Channels?
It was not so long ago that DIRECTV seemed to be adding HD channels faster than thought possible. Lately though that trend seems to have reversed, but the question is why? In fact it seems that they have actually stopped adding new channels altogether.

In recent months their HD expansion has slowed down to less than a crawl, and the SAT provider has even decided to not add many channels like the Pac 12 Network, CSN houston,  SportsNet LA, the SEC Network, as well as many others.

The reasons behind this shift has to do with their satellite fleet. Currently they are at near capacity in terms of what their Satellites can handle broadcasting. This means that they do not have much room at all for any new HD channels, or SD channels for that matter.

The future is bright though, due to DIRECTV’s plan to launch a new satellite in the upcoming fourth quarter of this year, and another one sometime in early 2015. DIRECTV states that the satellite being launched later this year is slated to be used to allow the company to offer more HD channels to their line up.

This means that approx. 60-120 days after the new sat is launched into space it will become fully functional and able to broadcast for the company. New HD channels will not become available to consumers until after the first of the year, and that is only if DIRECTV is able to negotiate the HD rights for any new channels it decides it would like to add to their line up. Having said that, DIRECTV is probably already in the process, or possibly even completed the process of negotiating for these rights.

Given time, DIRECTV has plans in place to offer a large selection of new channels in both HD and SD for its customers. The launching of two new satellites adds a large amount of room to their broadcasting capabilities.


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