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What is Play Station TV and Why Would I Want It?

Sony has finally launched their uber anticipated Play Station TV Console, and the price is something that has industry insiders predicting will allow Sony to carve a large path into the market place. Their price of $99.00 is on par with the competition, but the increased offerings by Sony through this device sets them apart from the rest.

As of the writing of this article, the Sony device offers access to over 700 games to customers, including some powerhouse titles such as the God of War series, and MLB 14. The device allows consumers to stream their games to the device using available WI-FI. This aspect of the product makes it vastly different from competitors offerings, and predictions are that it will cause gamers to flock to Sony over other offerings.

The product is call the Play Station TV Console, but so far there is no TV to be watched using this device. Sony states that the device is designed to facilitate TV and movie streaming apps for viewers to use, as well as allow them access to a horde of other games available in the Play Station Store.

Sony needs to open the flood gates here though if it wants this product to survive for long. The fact that the Sony owned Crackle is really the only decent streaming app available for the console right now is not such a great thing, and something that consumers are already complaining about. Sony is being very quiet on when services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon will be available for use on their devices. These are standard offerings on other devices on the market with their competitors such as Roku, Apple TV, Amazon’s Fire TV. All of these competitors offer hundreds of options for their customers when it comes to audio and video streaming, something Sony needs to catch up on if they want their product to remain competitive in the marketplace.

One thing that does have consumers hopeful is that the Soon to be Released pay TV service will be available through this device. Sony’s history of releasing products that are high quality has consumers waiting patiently for this service to be launched. Hopefully Sony is able to get this to market before people lose interest and end up moving on.



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