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How Does ESPN Work with Different Comcast Customers?

How Does ESPN Work with Different Comcast Customers?

With all the different ESPN channels available to viewers currently as customers of Comcast, it can become a bit confusing as to which channels are available to whom. This Short article will aim to break this issue down somewhat into an easy to understand guide.

Many customers subscribe to both Comcast’s video streaming services as well as their internet providing services. Others only subscribe to one or the other of these two services, which leaves them wondering what exactly is available to them if they choose to not purchase both services.

WatchESPN is website that simulcasts the following channels : ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN Desportes, ESPNews, ESPN Goal, ESPN Buzzer Beater and is the exclusive home to ESPN3. ESPN3 is known for airing games that are not available on the other ESPN TV channels, which is one reason why so many people love having access to it.

A customer that subscribes to Comcast’s Television and internet services can log in on their laptop or mobile device (think Ipad, smart phone, etc) and they will have access to all of these channels, and can even watch all of them at the same time if your connection is strong enough and you have the ability to split screen windows on your device. These customers can also stream them to their TV using various NET TV devices, such as ROKU, Xbox ONE, Amazon Fire and Chromecast to name a few.


Comcast customers that are Net-only subscribers are able to watch the NET only channel, ESPN3, but are not able to access the other ESPN channels available to TV subscribers. While this might seem unfair to some, it is a very understandable business stance. The logic here is quite simple. ESPN# is an internet only channel, so Comcast makes it available to their internet subscribers, but the other channels (ESPN,ESPN2, etc.) are video based channels that you have to have a video subscription to watch them.





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