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Vizio Moves to Recall 245,000 TVs That Could Potentially Tip Over

Vizio Moves to Recall 245,000 TVs That Could Potentially Tip Over

Vizio along with the Consumer Product Safety Commission have issued a consumer alert stating that 245,000 39-inch and 42-inch Vizio TVs have been sold with a defective stand that could cause the set to tip over, which could result in injury or damage to the TV itself. 

The company states that the sets in question — model numbers  E390-BO, E390i-BO (39-inch TVs) and E420i-BO (42-inch TV) — should not pose any danger if they are mounted on the wall properly. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has released a statement saying that there have been a total of 51 reports of the TVs tipping over, although no injuries have been recorded, to date.Vizio states that the sets in question were sold between December 2013 and June 2014 and that set owners should immediately remove the TV stand, place the TV in a safe location and then contact Vizio for a replacement stand assembly. The Consumer Product Safety Commission also adds that consumers who have already had the TV wall mounted, should request a replacement, too, in case they ever decide to use the TV in a non wall mounted setting.

Vizio says it’s extending the one-year warranty on the sets to two years in light of the stand issue.
If your TV is included in this recall, please call Vizio immediately at 855-472-7450 for assistance.

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