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Still No End in Sight With the Turner vs. DISH Fight

Last week a nasty war of words was exchanged between Turner Networks and DISH over carrier contract negotiations. This public confrontation between the two monster companies has many analysts wondering if they will ever be able to come to terms again at all.


Dish Chairman of the Board Charlie Ergen went as far as  mocking the Turner Network owned CNN, claiming the news network is no longer a ‘must-have’ channel. Statistics have shown a sharp decline in viewer interest in CNN unless a major news worthy event is taking place. When this happens, more viewers do tune in, but they drop off drastically once the event has come to a close or is resolved.

DISH lost the carrier rights to broadcast 8 of the Turner Networks channels, which include CNN, CNN Espanol, Turner Classic Movies, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Headline News and TruTV. DISH also is headed towards losing two more of the Turner Network Channels by years end if a new agreement can not be reached. These two channels are TBS and TNT, and DISH claims that the carrier agreements for these two channels need to be negotiated separately from the other channels that have been blacked out.

Ergen has added fuel to the fire by claiming there have been very few complaints about these channels being blacked out, hinting that most people could care less about keeping these channels in the DISH lineup. This is not only a slap in the face to what Turner Networks has to offer, but it shows that DISH might not even worry about bringing these channels back to their lineup.

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