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Samsung Plans to Exit the Business of Plasma TVs

Samsung Plans to Exit the Business of Plasma TVs

Reuters released a report yesterday stating that Samsung will stop the production of its’ Plasma TVs on November 30, 2014 which follows competitor Panasonic’s decision six months ago to end its Plasma business as well. Rumors have stated the company’s decision was based on the falling demand for Plasma sets.

With both Samsung and now Panasonic out of the Plasma TV business, that will leave LG as the only manufacturer of Plasma TV  sets. LG has been focusing much of its attention on 4K and OLED TVs, so it only seems likely that it too will end production of Plasma TVs in the coming months.

What was once a cultural icon and status symbol in the United States, the Plasma TV was soon surpassed in sales by first the LCD, then LED models due to a variety of reasons, which included marketing mishaps, as well as company mishaps within the industry. Even though most industry experts agree that Plasma produces a superior picture, the best products do not always weather the storm of the consumer market.

It can be expected that with Samsung’s decision to stop production of Plasma TVs, it is safe to say that Plasma TVs will soon become a thing of the past, much like Atari game systems, and Beta tape recorders.