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Samsung Leaves the OLED TV Battlefield to LG

Samsung Leaves the OLED TV Battlefield to LG


Samsung’s head of TV Kim Hyun-seok made a statement in Seoul about his company’s strategy concerning OLED tv’s that has their competitors cheering and market analysts scratching their heads in confusion.

Samsung’s strategy for this burgeoning TV market is to remain the same in 2015 as it was in 2014. What does this mean exactly? Well since Samsung has not released a new OLED TV since the KN55S9C they released in 2013, most people are viewing this statement as a declaration from the company that they are stepping back and away from this particular market of Televisions.

LG on the other hand has plans in the coming weeks to release several new models of televisions in the 4K/UHD OLED market. At the same time these new models are being released, LG is dropping the price of existing models, as well as lowering the starting price for their newer models when compared to past releases.

The 2014 prices on LG’s OLED tvs are considerably lower than any analyst predicted a year ago this time. These massive price drops could very well be a contributing factor to competitors reluctance to step into this ring with LG. The fact that LG has such a massive head start on the competition has many of them stepping back and not even wanting to risk dumping money into these ventures for fear that they will not be able to ever recoup their investments.

While Samsung has no announced plans for mass producing OLED TVs in the near future, do not count them out of the game completely. It is entirely possible that they have a trick or two up their sleeves for 2016 that has yet to be announced. Until then, Samsung Fanboys can only hope, dream, and pray that their favorite electronics manufacturer gives them what they have been hoping for.

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