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Bad News For OLED TVs

Bad News For OLED TVs


Everyone who has had the opportunity to see the new OLED TVs can do nothing but praise it. For those of you who do not know, OLED stands for organic light-emitting diode. These TVs combine the best features of both Plasma and LED TVs. They have the ability to display deep blacks as well as high contrast levels, both of which equal a great picture that is sure to impress anyone who sees one.

The only problem with these TVs is also one of its great selling points, it thinness. There are some models that are only .15 inches think, which makes it extremely slick style wise, and very noticeable when installed in your home. This thin design causes serious issues in terms of manufacturing them for consumers.

As of this writing there are only two TV manufacturers that have stepped into the ring to offer these sets to the public, LG and Samsung. The difficulty in manufacturing translates to a price tag that is somewhat steep, with both companies sets being in the $9000.00 range currently. This works both for and against these companies since the price tag means not many people can afford these sets, but since the price is out of most consumers budgets, the decrease in manufacturing means they are able to meet the current demand.


Sony and Panasonic announced in 2013 that they were entering into a partnership to manufacture OLED sets. They planned on combining resources and skills, hoping to be able to be more efficient in the manufacturing process, thus allowing them to storm the marketplace with cheaper TVs than the current competition. This announcement gave hope to consumers that within a year or so the masses would be able to afford these wonderful new sets. That hope came crashing down though with the joint announcement that these two companies were dissolving their partnership to concentrate on manufacturing 4K TVs instead.
This partnership dissolution is bad for these types of TVs and could mean a major set back in making these sets available to the public in large enough numbers and low enough prices for people to be able to afford. Only time will tell how soon these TVs will be able to be made and bought by most of the general public, but at the current rate of things this will not be happening in 2014.



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