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Pac 12 Carried By DIRECTV Still a Possibility or Perhaps Not…..

According to the Larry Scott the commissioner of the PAC 12, DIRECTV will be carrying his conference’s channel The PAC 12 NETWORK sometime in the near future. This seems like great news for PAC 12 fans, all except for the fact that DIRECTV has apparently stopped speaking with conference officials whatsoever about this possibility.

Confusion abounds once again with DIRECTV negotiations.

So where is this optimism coming from that Commissioner Scott has here? Scott believes in this deal coming to fruition in the near future because the PAC 12 has a deal with AT&T, which is working to buy DIRECTV. He believes that since he has a deal with AT&T, this deal will carry over to DIRECTV once the federal government approves the proposed merger between the media giants.

Is this a possibility? Will this actually happen? Can it actually happen? Anything is possible here, but not until the government makes a decision on whether to allow the merger or not. The bad news here is that the FCC and other regulating agencies have stated that they are not going to be able to make a decision concerning this until at least the beginning of 2015.

So Pac 12 fans will have to watch their favorite teams on Dish, AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner Cable or Cox cable for the third season in a row, since these cable and sat providers are the only ones to sign carriage deals with the powerhouse conference.

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