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LG Again Cuts the Price on Their 55-inch OLED TV!!!


LG now selling its’ 55-inch OLED TV For a new low price of $4,999

Last fall, LG showcased its 55-inch curved display OLED television for a whopping $14,999. Today though LG released a statement saying that you can now purchase this TV at Amazon.com as well as Bestbuy.com for only $4,999.00. This is a huge drop from the original release price.

This follows a trend of price drops for this TV since its release. In November the price was slashed to $8,999 as part of LG’s holiday promotions. This was done to bring the price more inline with the Samsung 55-inch curved screen OLED TV, which had been priced at $8,999 as well. Samsung’s price for their TV has not come down since last fall, it is still available for $8,999.

In february of this year, LG dropped the price again, this time to $6,999. Followed by a drop to $5,999 in march, and now to a new low of $4,999.

When Samsung reduced the price of their curved screen TV to $8,999 last August, it put LG in a tough spot since these two TVs are considered exteremly close in terms of quality, picture, etc. Lg’s price cutting since then has been done to sway customers over to their product instead of Samsung’s TV.




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