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LG To Offer OS Update on 2014 Smart TVS

LG has announced what is a first in the SMART TV market, an operating software update for their products. LG has confirmed that later this year they will offer all owners of TVs produced in 2014 a free update to version 2.0 of their OS.

This update has been designed to improve response times, as well as offer newer features such as “My Channels” and will provide upgraded quick settings and input selection interfaces. When this update is released, it may cause the user interface to look slightly different than the 2015 models that were shipped with the 2.0 version of the OS already installed, but most of the features will be the same.

What has customers more excited than anything else is the improved response times that the update will provide for users when compared to the Web OS 1.0 that came installed on the TVs. LG claims that the update will increase unit response times by at least 1.5X current speeds, but tweaks to the update before release could increase these speeds even more.

LG owners can expect this update for their TVs to be released sometime around mid 2015. This update will be released world wide to all markets at the same time for all 2014 TVs that came with the Web OS. How smooth this update will be rolled out will be interesting to see, seeing as stated above that this is the first Smart TV update to be released.

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