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LG Goes Extreme High End with New Partnership

swarovski LG TV


LG Goes Extreme High End with New Partnership

LG Electronics has just announced a new partnership that will allow them to offer something that no other TV manufacturer in the world can lay claim to. Their new offering is a high end premium OLED TV designed and manufactured with Austrian jewelry design house Swarovski.

Not only did Swarovski lend their designers to help create an aesthetically pleasing to eye television, but LG is also using crystals made by them as well. For those of you who were not aware, Swaravski is world renowned for their crystal making abilities.

This new offering has an amazing depth of 4mm, and weighs in at an ultra light 16kg. This television appears to float in the air, due in large part to the design of the tv itself, its stand, and the perfect placement of Swaravski’s top-end crystals. This effect was created for  this totally unique stand, by using approximately 460 luminescent Aurora Borealis crystals of three different sizes (SS8, 10 and 12) which were then applied painstakingly by hand using specially made stencils. The end result of this is a subtle but elegant sparkling pattern that turns a top of the line, cutting-edge television into a masterwork piece of art. This is one of those extremely rare pieces of electronics that can truly make a room stand out.

This television also offers many features including pixel dimming technology, which gives this television vibrant colors, extremely sharp images and unparalleled picture quality. While there is no price set for this television yet, it is a safe bet that this TV will not be priced for the average everyday consumer to be able to afford.

LG plans on rolling out a limited number of these sets in Europe in the middle of the fourth quarter, followed by a North American release slated for early into the first quarter of next year.


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