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How Did Redbox Miss Their Chance to Kill Netflix?

Did Redbox Miss Their Chance to Kill Netflix?

Redbox, the Starbucks of movie rentals with their uber famliar bright red kiosk rental centers on every corner moved into the world of online streaming services, competing with the likes of Netflix, Hulu, and others. Their partnership with mega corporate giant Verizon was hailed as the streaming entertainment killer. Articles were written, analysts spoke on tv and the web about how this partnership powerhouse was going to be the end all for Netflix and Hulu at the very least.

While it was never stated publicly, it was obvious from the get go that Redbox and Verizon were aiming to utilize their clout and connections in Hollywood to choke out the competition from Netflix. These two powerhouses hoped to strong arm or otherwise convince their connections into basically no longer offering Netflix access to premium movies and top of the line box office smashes. This plan was implemented in hopes of frustrating Netflix subscribers who would then be forced to make the switchover to their own services if people wanted to watch their favorite A-list actors and directors’ films and TV shows.

When Verizon and Redbox partnered up and launched their service in January 2013, they thought that they were unstoppable with this plan. They blew it though right from the begining. Instead of launching a fully functioning service with a large library of premium titles to view as they had promised, what they produced was a joke.

First off, the took forever to get a functioning website and streaming service up and running. When they did get it going, it was only offered to a limited number of potential customers instead of a full launch. Beyond the pitiful limited launch, their offering of titles to watch was an absolute and utter disaster. All they had to offer was b list movies and films from the 1980’s that no one wanted to even be associated with anymore. Combine these short falls with a management team that seemed to have no clue what they were doing, and failure was obviously the only real end result here.

While starting up a massive world wide streaming service is no walk in the park, both parties involved in this partnership should have been much more prepared to take on this task than it seems they were. This launch was a pitiful flop, and thankfully is finally coming to an end. RedBox Instant died a quiet death on October 7th, 2014, and they will not be missed.

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