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DIRECTV Loses Fee Fight, Weather Channel Now Missing


DIRECTV Loses Fee Fight, Weather Channel Now Missing


DIRECTV has lost the Weather Channel of all things because of a heated fee fight with popular channel. These two companies have spent the previous 48 hours hunkered down in a nasty war of words and PR releases. That ended this morning without a new agreement being reached between the two negotiators. The previous agreement ended in 2013, but both parties involved agreed to allow the deadline to be pushed back to this morning at 12:00 am.

At the stroke of midnight, channel 362 went dark, with the Weather Channel no longer being broadcast to DIRECTV’s customers.

DIRECTV countered this problem by replacing the Weather Channel with Weather Nation TV, something that it would seem went unnoticed by most of its’ customers. Currently channels 361 and 362 have this content being broadcast on it, with no notice or explanation being given to its’ customers. DIRECTV had the foresight to plan for this possibility by adding this channel to their line up in mid December of 2013.

The Weather Channel released a statement claiming that DIRECTV wants to reduce its’ rates to carry their content, something they feel is completely unjustified and unfair. DIRECTV denied these allegations in their own PR release, claiming that may of their customers have complained that the channel recently shifted their focus to weather related reality TV offerings instead of just the weather itself.

The Weather Channel, in their latest barrage in this war of words, has begun a campaign urging viewers to contact their members of congress to add pressure to DIRECTV to keep their channel on the air, citing that it is a public safety issue for the general population at large.

Only time will tell if The Weather Channel will be returning to DIRECTV’s lineup.




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