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HBO and Others Available “On Demand” For Free

HBO and Others Available “On Demand” For Free


From September 19,2014 to September 29th, Verizon FIOS TV customers will have access to 60 channels of on demand content for no extra charge. Several of these channels such as HBO, CINEMAX, and STARZ, you normally had to be a subscription paying customer to have access to their On Demand content.

This offering falls in line with several fall premieres of TV shows, and allows customers to catch up on previous seasons using On Demand. The offering allows customers to view this content on their TVs, computers, and mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Customers just need to login with their FIOS username and passwords if they wish to use their computer or mobile device.

A full list of participating content providers can be obtained by calling Verizon Directly and asking about their On Demand Marathon.

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