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ESPN Considers Selling Their Online Soccer Separate From Current Packages


ESPN Considers Selling Their Online Soccer Separate From Current Packages

ESPN has announced that they are considering selling access to live Major League Soccer games online with having to pay for a TV service subscription.

This potential change to the marketplace could be huge for ESPN because of the large population of Hispanics living in the US, who are well known for their love of soccer. A recent study also shows that this portion of the market are more likely to stream or use mobile devices to watch games, rather than pay a monthly TV subscription fee.

ESPN has stated that they need to be careful not to upset pay TV subscribers though, as well as cable and SAT distributors by offering the same programming online that people are currently required to have a  subscription to view. By providing an online edition of their programming the cable and SAT providers potentially could lose subscribers and therefore lose money in the process. Why would you pay a monthly fee for TV services if you are able to watch them online for a greatly reduced price.

An example of this is the WWE’s new online streaming service, the WWE Network. They have come under fire from DIRECTV and Dish who have stated that this Network’s product offering of Pay Per View events for $9.99 a month undermines their higher priced versions that are marketed to the SAT providers home audiences. In a show of protest, both SAT providers have stopped offering WWE PPV events this year in a move aimed at reigning in this giant money maker.

Only time will tell if ESPN will have the same issues that the fledgling WWE Network is having in conjunction with the SAT and Cable TV providers, or if they will be able to smooth out any issues that might arise from their new offering.

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