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ESPN Classic Sidelined

ESPN Classic Sidelined


ESPN Classics has been a fan favorite for years. The ability to sit down with friends and family and watch some of the best games that have taken place over the past 40 years has always been well received. The chance to relive these games has allowed younger generations the chance to experience these games first hand in their entirety instead of just watching highlight reels.

This is slowly changing though as seen on October 1st of this year. DISH announced that they will no longer be offering ESPN Classics as a programming channel. All of the content from this channel will only be available as an ON DEMAND feature going forward.

The statement did not say how long the transition would take to fully implement, or when the channel would be completely pulled from the air. DISH did say that by month’s end the ON DEMAND feature would have hundreds of hours of archived games and events available for customer viewing. Over the coming months, thousands of hours of content will be added, allowing customers to pick and choose which games or events they want watch.

Is this the first step in eliminating non-live sportscasting entirely from their line up as has been rumored for the past couple of years? Some industry insiders has said that DISH eventually plans to move much of their content like this to ON DEMAND only, or available to view from internet streaming sources. Only time will tell where this leads fans, the companies involved, and the marketplace in general.

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