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DISH Receives More and More Bad News

It would seem that customers are leaving DISH Network left and right these days. The release of the company’s third quarter report paints a bleak picture, one that has many people unhappy with the Sat provider and losing confidence in their company’s leadership.

The recently released report shows a net lose of 12,000 subscribers down from last years net gain of 35,000 subscribers during the same time frame. Profits for the third quarter were down to $145 million compared to $314 million for the company a year ago. The fact that DISH released a statement blaming customer loss and declining profits on poor customer service and equipment problems does not help their case with customers or investors. This was made worse by their statement that they fully expect to continue to lose customers in the coming months, as well as profits, because of these issues.

This news is just further bad news, and foreshadows even more problems for the Sat provider as they are having issues retaining content providers. Turner Networks has pulled 8 channels, and DISH is close to losing another 16 channels of content if they can not come to terms very quickly with CBS in their current bid to renew the contract that ends at the end of the month between the two companies.

If DISH is not able to turn around these recent trends, and fix the problems they are having internally, customers can expect to see more and more content lost, and investors can look forward to an even bleaker 4th quarter report.

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