Dish Network in Talks to Merge with T-Mobile

News of this merger was first reported by the New York Times last week, which caused shares of Dish Network stock to surge nearly 5% in a single day of trading. Most market analysts are excited by the prospect of this merger and the fact that it will help both companies fully utilize the $60 billion data bandwidth pipeline that Dish has amassed and built over the years.

Market analysts also feel that this merger will give the new company more negotiating clout with Hollywood in the future for films, television series and sporting events. This is the third major merger in the works or on the table that will affect Hollywood and future licensing agreements.

If this merger is approved, T-Mobile CEO John Legere would be the new company’s CEO, and Charlie Ergen the current CEO of Dish would become the new chairman of the board.

The merger would help Dish provide would include an extremely fast, nationwide voice and data network, a broadband network for home and mobile device customers, television and even an expanded outlet for its Sling TV online service.

While the talks are still in the very early stages of negotiation, management roles have been agreed upon, and talks are moving forward. The negotiations are expected to be fairly slow though, so that both sides are 100% sure of their parts in the newly formed company, all debts are accounted for and transferred, and to ensure that they have the support of shareholders as well as the federal government.


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