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DISH Latest to Raise Prices

DISH Network is the latest of the cable and satellite providers to announce a price hike for their services. DISH’s new increased prices went into play immediately after the announcement on Sunday February 1st.

DISH did make a point of letting customers know that anyone currently under a promotional or normal plan already will not be affected by the price hike until it comes to renewal time for their contracts. While DISH Network is not the only cable or sat provider to make announcements recently concerning price increases, DISH’s announcement is unique and unusual to say the least.

What is unusual about this price increase is that for now it only affects English speaking content packages. Dish states that they will increase prices on the Spanish speaking content packages as well, but has not stated when this increase will actually go into affect for its customers. Currently they see a projected increase for Spanish speaking programing of $5.00 per month and the multi sports package will increase from $2.00 to $13.00 per month if you are a customer with one of these qualifying content packages.

For the English speaking content increase, customers can expect to see their bills increased to the following:

DISH’s Smart Pack                – New Price – $34.99 (this is a $2 per month increase.)
DISH’s America’s Top 120   – New Price – $59.99 ( this is a $5 per month increase.)
DISH’s America’s Top 120+ – New Price – $64.99 (this is a $5 per month increase.)
DISH’s America’s Top 200   – New Price – $74.99 (this is a $5 per month increase.)
DISH’s America’s Top 250   – New Price – $84.99 (this is a $5 per month increase.)

These increases pan out to increases that range from 6-9% for all customers on their monthly bills.

DISH is diverting blame for these monthly bill increases onto the content providers that their Network carries. Their claim is that because of greedy content providers demanding more and more money from DISH to broadcast their content, that cost has to be passed on to the end consumer. They quick to point out though that the increased fees they have to pay to content providers is not nearly covered by the increased cost passed on to their consumers. Somehow this part of their claim is hard to believe, since no company is in the business of losing money.

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