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Dish Contract Updates

When it rains it pours, or so the saying goes. And for Dish Network their problems just seem to continue to pile up higher and higher as the weeks go on. Recently they have had issues with Turner Networks pulling channels from their lineup, as well as heated series of negotiations with CBS that was once again extended to avoid a content blackout last night. Now though Dish is threatened with the possibility of losing content for 60 mid sized markets across the country if a new carrier contract is not negotiated by tonight at midnight.

The new fee fight is with Nexstar, who owns over 60 stations throughout the country in mid and small markets. Nexstar released a press release statement last night stating that DISH could lose these channels in the next 24-30 hours if a new agreement is not reached. This tactic of taking negotiations public is not uncommon recently, as many other content providers have done the same in an attempt to get their viewers to rally behind them and urge Dish to come to terms.

In this particular instance, Dish did not even bother to respond or acknowledge that a press release statement had been put out there for the world to see. This may not necessarily be a snub or an insult aimed at Nexstar, this oversight could be due in large part to the number of negotiating battles Dish is dealing with currently.

Besides the CBS and Turner fights, Dish is also working to keep the NBC regional sports channel as part of the line up as well. Negotiations in that fight have led to an extension granted by NBC as a token of good faith in the process, and to keep their viewers from missing out on the games they want to watch.

Time will tell if DISH is making the correct decisions in these instances, or if they are making choices that will eventually lead to their possible downfall. The loss of content channels on this scale can and will cause customers to jump ship to other sat providers.

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