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DISH Hits a Possible Wall in CBS Negotiations

The carrier agreement negotiations between satcaster DISH Network and media giant CBS seems to have come to a true standstill. CBS put a press release out this morning stating that if an agreement has not been reached by Thursday December 4th, 2014 at 7pm, they will pull all content that is part of the dispute.

This content blackout will include major markets like New York, Chicago, LA as well as several smaller markets throughout the country. It could also include CBS pulling the cable network SHOWTIME from all markets, even though very little is being said about that at this point in time.

A content blackout of this magnitude would not only harm DISH by causing subscribers to jump ship to other providers, but it would also harm the ratings that are so important to CBS advertising dollars. For DISH though, this could not come at a worse time, as they are still embroiled in negotiations with Turner Networks to come to an agreement to keep their content on the DISH airwaves.

These heated public arguments over negotiations makes DISH look foolish, and could very well end up costing them dearly in the long run in subscription totals and a massive loss of content available to its customers. The question here is will an agreement be made that keeps CBS on the airwaves of DISH before the deadline on Thursday.

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