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DISH and FOX News Network – An Update

The fee fight between DISH Network and the FOX News Network came to a head over the weekend. The two companies had been in heated negotiations over renewing their carrier agreement. This contract renewal had issues from the get go due to FOX asking for too much cash (according to DISH) and DISH trying to lowball the news network by offering terms that were considered unfair (according to FOX).

Fox used the now standard tactics of going public with these issues. They started a war or words on twitter, and social media slamming the sat caster and blasting a campaign of doom and gloom to their customers. This campaign which also included commercials that warned viewers they could be losing access to the FOX News channels because of DISH’s unwillingness to make fair offers at the negotiating table. They encouraged customers to call DISH to express their displeasure at the possibility of losing their FOX channels.  FOX went as far as setting up a website that warned of the pending blackout, but went one step further and offered customers the chance to see what other cable and sat providers were available in their area.

Taking these negotiations public has become extremely commonplace in the past year for both sides involved. The content providers have seen fit to bash DISH in very public arenas and in some cases have made the attacks extremely insulting and personal for the opposing side. This latest tactic though is something new and how this will affect the process of hashing out a new contract is yet to be seen. Directing viewers to other cable and sat providers is a very dangerous and potentially an extremely damaging tactic to use against DISH.

To attempt to push customers to another cable or sat provider could very well back fire on FOX. Even if it does not cause a massive migration of customers from DISH to other companies, just the possibility of this could upset the sat provider enough that they become standoffish or unwilling to negotiate with the new content provider.

This very tactic could very well be the cause of the breakdown in negotiations that took place between the two companies, which has  ultimately led us to where we are today. FOX is no longer on DISH Network. The two companies were unable to come to terms and FOX pulled their content, unwilling to even offer DISH an extension to their current agreement while a new one is hammered out.

As of right now, FOX is not available to DISH viewers, and there is no ETA being provided by either side on when or even if it will return to the airwaves. Time will tell if FOX shot themselves in the foot by pushing DISH customers to other cable or sat providers.

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