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DIRECTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket Streaming : Will The Problems Ever be Fixed?

For the third week in a row, DIRECTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers experienced major problems and headaches with the online version of the offered content. This is according to the company’s twitter and social media accounts, and the posts of very unhappy customers leaving comments there.

The complaints include the following issues customers have experienced : Lag, freezing, connection time outs, pixalation or distortion and disconnections.

DIRECTV customer service reps apologized for the issues and stated the company was working to resolve any and all issues viewers were experiencing. They went on to state that those experiencing problems should clear their browser history and website data on the device being used. “That should help.” is what these reps told customers via the company’s twitter account.

The complaints started rolling in en mass shortly after the start of the first game of the day, with no one seeming to be spared from the plague of issues. It did not seem to matter if you were using an Xbox ONE, a laptop, or some other mobile device, you were bound to experience one of the aforementioned issues.


While the customer service suggestion to clear the browser history and cache did seem to help, three weeks of sub par quality in streaming has many customers asking for a refund on their subscription purchase. Consumers are extremely upset, and rightfully so, since they have to pay extra for the streaming package when they order their normal NFL Sunday Ticket.

DIRECTV was plagued at the beginning of the 2013 season with very similar issues, but they were able to steadily improve streaming quality over the course of the season. Hopefully these issues are resolved before the start of next Sunday’s games.

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