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DIRECTV Vs Raycom: Round 2

The agreement that was reached between DIRECTV and Raycom on the 7th of this month to allow the SAT provider to carry the content of the program provider to its customers. Their disagreement and often times very public war of words ended up causing a six day blackout of all 53 channels of content Raycom has available.

Reports are now leaking out that Raycom states the deal may have to be scrapped because of unknown demands the SAT provider is making that cant be met. This is the end result of a second two week long war of words between these two, each questioning the motives of the other party. Raycom claims that DIRECTV is only interested in profiteering and not about its customers. DIRECTV claims that the six day black out was caused by Raycom to try and force the SAT provider to pay higher fees.

The two sides can not even agree on where they stand in terms of how the negotiation process is progressing. Raycom warns that they will be unable to continue to allow DIRECTV to carry their content without a finalized agreement between the two. DIRECTV claims that the two sides merely need to dot a few “i’s and cross some t’s”.

The recent flare up between these two in the war of words has the potential to not only cause a second much longer programming blackout, but it could also harm both companies in the eyes of their customers and viewers. Let’s face it, at the end of the day, the general public could care less about whose fault a black out would be, they just want to be able to watch their TV shows without interruption.

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