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DIRECTV To Lose The Walking Dead?!?!?!



Fans of the AMC channel show The Walking Dead were sent into a frenzy Sunday night when they settled in to watch their weekly dose of Zombie apocalyptic entertainment. DIRECTV  customers were exposed to commercials from AMC stating that they could lose the channel as well as sister channels such as the BBC, IFC, and the Sundance channel.

The AMC ads stated that DIRECTV has refused to engage in meaningful negotiations to ensure that the contract that expires at the end of this does not leave viewers out in the dark. Viewers were prompted to visit WWW.KEEPAMC.COM for more information on this situation.

DIRECTV fired back stating that viewers had nothing to worry about. On DIRECTVpromise.com they explain that the first half of the season runs until Nov 30th, and the second half does not start until mid February of 2015. Since the current contract between the two companies does not expire until the end of December, DIRECTV claims there is plenty of time to reach a fair agreement that allows viewers to keep the channel and not miss any of their favorite show.

As has been stated in previous articles, this strange war of words is not something that is uncommon between these two companies. Shots over the bow, intended to worry and excite customers, seems to be a common tactic the two rely on when in negotiation time rolls around.

Considering the huge following that The Walking Dead has, I honestly think there is nothing to worry about it terms of missing any episodes. The backlash that DIRECTV would receive from customers is motivation enough to ensure they finalize a new contract with AMC before the second half of this season is ready to air.