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It should come as no surprise that DIRECTV is raising the price on the NFL Sunday Ticket that has become so popular amongst fans in recent years. This is something that does have customers none to happy with the satcaster, considering that the increase isn’t a mere dollar or two increase.

In 2014 the NFL Sunday Ticket package cost viewers $239.94 plus taxes and fees. Now in 2015, DIRECTV has raised that price to $251.94 plus those wonderful taxes and fees. These prices though are only for the basic package, which allows viewers access to all games played as well as the ticket mix feature that allows all games to be shown on the screen at the same time.

For those of you that paid $329.94 in 2014 for the NFL Sunday Ticket MAX plan, expect to pay a whopping $353.94 for your subscription. This package includes all of the regular games, but also offers a feature where games are broadcast when a team crosses the 20 yard line. This feature has been popular since it allows viewers the chance to see more scoring situations across all games being played. This package also allows subscribers the ability to watch games the next day in a 30 minute time frame as well as stream games to mobile devices.

The price increase for customers is due to the increase that DIRECTV has to pay the NFL to offer the Sunday Ticket plans. Their cost rose to $1.5 billion dollars a year from the previous $1 billion dollars a year that had been paid since the creation of the plan in 1994.

This price increase comes directly on the heels of DIRECTV’s announcement that all other normal content packages would be seeing increases in their monthly fees for customers.

With Cable and satcasters all seeming to raise their rates every year, one has to wonder just how long the viewing public with continue to put up with getting ripped off before the market’s bubble bursts and it experiences drastic changes as other industry markets have seen over the past 20-30 years.

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