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DIRECTV Decides to Renew NFL Ticket

DIRECTV Decides to Renew NFL Ticket

DIRECTV is completing a long-term deal with the NFL which will allow them to continue offering the NFL Sunday Ticket as an exclusive package after the current contract they have expires at the end of the current season.This new is according to an article in today’s Sports Business Journal. The article states more details need to be hashed out, but that the two sides have agreed on the price and the length of the contract. According to SBJ,  DIRECTV’s annual payment will range between $1.3 billion and $1.4 billion annually, which is a sizeable increase from The current four-year deal which calls for DIRECTV to pay $1 billion annually to the NFL.

Both the NFL and DIRECTV have stated that they would definately reach a new deal before year’s end. Up until now though, no details of this new agreement have been disclosed by either side.

The publication says no formal announcement is imminent, but both sides are in agreement on the deal’s major sticking points. DIRECTV has refused to comment on the contract negotiations,  while the NFL has stated negotiations are still ongoing, SBJ writes.

The new deal is expected to last through 2021/22 seasons, SBJ reports.