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Coming Soon! A New DIRECTV-NFL Sunday Ticket Deal

Coming Soon! A New DIRECTV-NFL Sunday Ticket Deal

A statement was released today by  DIRECTV CEO Mike White that says he is still “highly confident” that his company will be able renew its Sunday Ticket deal with the NFL.

The current agreement between the NFL and DIRECTV, which allows them to show every Sunday regular season game played, will expire at the end of the coming season.

DIRECTV renegotiating a new contract with the NFL is important not only to fans and their customer base, but also pivotal in their planned merger with AT&T. The telcomm giant has stated in filings with the SEC that it’s purchase of DIRECTV is contingent on the SAT provider being able to come to new terms with the NFL to continue offering the NFL Sunday Ticket.

Analysts have stated that the contingency language used in the filing would not have been used, unless both parties were highly confident that a new deal could be reached with the NFL.




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