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DIRECTV Drops The Ball Again With Their NFL Sunday Ticket

Once again customers that pay a large fee to subscribe to DIRECTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket swarmed the internet complaining about issues with their service. Customers flooded Twitter and DIRECTV’s customer service pages with complaints ranging from login issues, to connection and lag issues.

This is the forth week that the satcaster has run into major issues and problems that has had customers up in arms over the quality of the product they are paying for. The issues yesterday started approx. one hour after the 1pm kickoff and lasted throughout the day.

DIRECTV customer service acknowledged the issue publicly around 3:30 pm with the statement  “we are aware and working to resolve. Thank you for your patience.” Complaints continued well after this until some customers took it upon themselves to help out their fellow fans by posting on social media sights that you could login on mobile devices to watch the games with little to no problems.

While DIRECTV never once released a statement that they had resolved or fixed the issue for their customers, after fans started helping each other out with the new information, posted complaints began to slow down drastically compared to the previous hours.

There was no indication whatsoever throughout the day that the actual satellite transmissions for the games were interrupted or lost at any point in time. This leads industry experts to believe that the issue lies with DIRECTV itself having a system that has many flaws that have yet to be truly fixed or worked out.

These problems are similar in nature to those experienced in the 2013-14 season as well, which makes one wonder what, if anything, DIRECTV is doing over there to resolve the issues on a permanent basis. This continued series of connection and login issues has many DIRECTV customers becoming more and more frustrated with the Satellite Giant, and wondering if they are actually getting their money’s worth for the subscription. It is believed that DIRECTV could very well end up losing customers to their competitors if they do not get their act together and fix what internal issues are causing these problems.

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