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DIRECTV Channel Changing Issues

DIRECTV customers, no you are not going crazy, you are not dealing with a broken or faulty remote. DIRECTV has come out with a statement letting customers know that there is an issue with their HD receivers and changing channels.

According to their customer service reps, their website, and their Twitter feed, customers can and have been experiencing delays of 10-15 seconds after pressing the desired buttons for the channel to change to its new destination. Customers wanting to open the DIRECTV guide are having to hit the Guide button several times before anything happens. While this is not an end of the world situation, it is causing a lot of stress and frustration with DIRECTV customers.

While this problem appears to be more than just a couple weeks old from customer complaints and reviews online, DIRECTV still has not fixed the problem. Their customer service twitter page has stated that they are working on a software solution to the problem which should be released soon.

But how soon is soon? According to customer service reps, this is still in the hands of the engineering department, and no fix has been scheduled as of yet. Hopefully this is not something that DIRECTV lets linger for weeks on end.

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