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Comcast Losing Customers Left and Right

Losing an average of 500,000 customers a year for 6 years straight should be an alarming wake up call to any business, but apparently it is nothing to worry about for Comcast Cable.

The cable giant has lost nearly 3 million net subscribers since 2008, bringing their total monthly subs  down to 22.4 million from a high of 25.1 million in 2008. With most of these customers jumping ship to sing up with other services such as DISH, DIRECTV, AT&T, one has to wonder why this is happening and can it be stopped?

TheBigLead.com recently ran a story that they feel explains the situation fairly well.They feel it has to do in part with their Leaguepass offering, which is the NBA version of the Sunday Ticket, which they charge $200.00 for. The cable operator only offers 1-3 League Pass game channels in HD at a time with this package which has alot of customers unhappy with their purchase.

Their reasoning is that offering channels in HD means pay higher fees to the NBA, something they want to avoid. Their competitors are offering the same games, but with many more channels in HD for the same price. Common sense would make a customer not be happy with what they are receiving and to start looking elsewhere for their NBA entertain needs. Thus Comcast continues to bleed off a loss of 500,000 customers a year, because they have no interest or intention of changing things and offering their customers more of these channels in HD.


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