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Comcast Cable Hoping to Carry SEC Network

Comcast Cable Hoping to Carry SEC Network

Comcast Cable released a statement saying they are close to finalizing an agreement to carry the SEC Network, reports Fox Sports.


The regional sports channel is owned by Disney, who also owns ESPN, and launches on August 14, 2014. They will be broadcasting live SEC football and basketball games, as well as other conference specific sporting events.


Comcast spokesman John Demming states that the cable provider and the SEC Network are “working out final details” of a carriage agreement that both sides can be happy with.

“We expect to come to an agreement in the near future,” Demming added.

Once a deal is reached between Comcast and the SEC Network, it would leave the other two big dogs in the TV providing business out in the cold. Neither DIRECTV nor Time Warner Cable have been able to come to terms with the SEC Network. Both DISH and AT&T have come to terms and signed carriage deals with the SEC Network.





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