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CBS To Leave DISH?

Later this month DISH Network customers could end up losing 16 channels of CBS content due to failing negotiations.

CBS is fighting for more money and not happy about DISH’s commercial skipping HD DVR receiver, which has resulted in a major lawsuit. All four of the major networks have sued DISH for this new piece of receiving hardware, claiming that it violates their copyright protection rights by allowing people to skip over ads their channels carry. This has lead to an alleged loss of revenue for the network giants. The networks claim that the new receivers automatically skip the commercials when recording, while DISH claims that customers have to manually set the receivers to utilize this feature.

The issues DISH is having with CBS comes at the worst possible time, considering that Turner Networks just pulled 8 channels of their content from DISH as of October 20th because they could not reach a new agreement with the Sat provider. These channels include CNN, and the Cartoon Network, both extremely popular channels with subscribers.

If DISH ends up losing 16 more channels of content because of their disagreements with CBS, it could very well trigger a flood of unhappy customers to pack up and jump ship to another entertainment provider. Adding even more chaos to this situation is that two more Turner Network channel contracts as set to expire soon as well, which means customers may very well be losing TNT and TBS as well.

The 16 channels of content will affect major markets such as NY, LA, Chicago, etc. What is unknown at this time is how this situation will affect DISH’s ability to continue to provide channels such as SHOWTIME, the Smithsonian Channel, and even some CW channels. Most customers are unaware that these are all owned by CBS and their contracts are coming due for renewal as well in the near future. Will CBS play hardball using these major channels of content to their advantage, or will they be able to come to fair terms with the SAT provider before these channels all go black.

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