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CBS Returns To Dish

After a long drawn out battle between the two media giants, CBS pulled their content from the Sat Casters line up. This move affected viewers in 14 major markets across the country, upsetting many people in the process.

This blackout was thankfully short lived. Dish Network and CBS were able to come to terms for a multi year carrier agreement that covers the 14 stations, as well as CBS sports and SHOWTIME, the networks cable movie channel. The newly agreed upon contract also dissolves the lawsuit that CBS had filed against DISH concerning their DISH Hopper DVR’s ability to allow customers to skip over commercials. CBS had claimed that this feature was a violation of their copyright, and was costing them millions of dollars in advertising revenue.

Dish resolved a similar lawsuit from Disney earlier in the year in a very similar negotiation process. DISH made agreements with both parties that they would alter their Hopper DVR to delay the ability for commercial skipping by three days for Disney (who owns ABC) and seven days for CBS. CBS has apparently agreed to allow DISH to distribute SHOWTIME on their new upcoming NET TV streaming service that should be available for consumer early next year.

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