CBS Going on the Offensive in DISH Fight

With the current carrier contract ending on November 20th, CBS has decided to go on the offensive in their negotiations with DISH Network to renew the deal between these two media giants.

CBS started airing commercials in the regions that are set for black out on the 20th, warning their viewers that they run the risk of losing access to their content. According to CBS the blackouts would be due to DISH’s unwillingness to come to mutually fair terms in the new contract.

DISH fired back stating that “only CBS can force a blackout of its channels…We are unsure why CBS decided to involve customers in the contract negotiation process at a point where there is time for the two parties to reach a mutually beneficial deal.”

This new method of contract negotiations seems to becoming more commonplace with AMC using the same tactic earlier in the year. This content provider ran commercials claiming viewers could be losing the channel and its shows during episodes of “The Walking Dead”, which also happens to be one of cables highest ranked shows currently. AMC encouraged viewers to contact DISH to express their dislike for the possible loss.

So¬† far AMC’s tactic has not worked, as their contract with DISH is set to expire by years end. The two have still been unable to reach a new agreement which would allow DISH to continue offering AMC on their lineup.

Whether the tactic will work for CBS is yet to be seen. The fact that DISH is entrenched with Turner Networks (which have been removed from the sat providers line up since October 20th) in a similar fight might actually work to CBS’s advantage. Dish can hardly afford to lose even more content and expect to keep customers from jumping ship to other Sat Providers.

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