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Camcast Rate Hike Announced

As is common with cable and sat providers, price hikes are announced and implemented around the first of the year. Comcast joined the ranks of companies raising their rates this year, which has many customers none too happy, even though their announced increase is supposed to only be approximately 3.4% for TV, internet, and phone services.

This announced increase is very deceiving though, since it is a weighed average of increases for various services and product packages. Certain offerings or services will be raised much higher than others and there are even a couple that Comcast is not raising the rates on at all.

To begin with, all customers receiving local channels (which is every customer) will see an increase on their retransmission fee to $3.25 from the normal $1.75. The retransmission fee is the price paid to provide customers with access to their local channels. Comcast will also raise the price on their Internet Plus package by 7% to $74.95. This package includes high speed internet, basic channels, access to local channels, and HBO.

Comcast states that prices for limited basic cable package ($21.99), the Digital Preferred Package($87.90), and the Internet Essentials package ($9.99) will all remain unchanged at this time. This does not mean that a price increase will not be announced at a later date and time though, so be aware of this possibility.

Another way Comcast is sneaking in price hikes is through their installation costs. Comcast has announced that their charges for installing equipment will go up, as well as their charges for DVR services, Blast Internet, Blast Plus, and several other unnamed by the company at this time. No information is available right now as to how much these increases are going to be, but do not expect the hikes for these products and services to be minimal.

As Customers receive their future bills, details and exact increased prices will actually be seen. I expect that Comcast Customer Service phone lines are going to become quite cluttered with calls from upset customers when these bills do start to arrive.


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