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4k Receiver Coming Soon From Dish

Dish Network made a big announcement at the Las Vegas CES convention by stating it will begin offering a 4k receiver for customers. This new offering will become available for subscribers in the second quarter of 2015, and will work with almost any 4K television consumers have recently purchased.

The new 4K receiver is, at this time, designed to be a plug and play unit that will integrate with customers current hopper system. It has been designed to allow anyone to be able to install the unit and begin receiving 4K programing once it becomes available.

DISH states that it will announce more details of the offering as well as information on content that will be available closer to the release date of these new units. They have stated though that they have several content providers lined up and ready to begin offering their content in 4K on the release date.

This new product offering, named the 4K Joey, is the first of its kind by satcast providers in the market, but probably will not be that last of its kind to be seen this coming year. With the popularity of 4K television sets on the rise, we expect to see several other satellite and cable providers to jump on the bandwagon to provide their customers with similar product offerings.

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