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4K Coming Soon to DIRECTV!!!!!

On Sunday, December 7th, DIRECTV launched an Ariane 5 Rocket was launched from French Guiana. The modern launch vehicle carried with it the new DIRECTV 14 satellite which has been designated for HD and 4K signal broadcasting.

Since it takes on average 60 to 90 days after launch for most satellites to become operational, which means the new super high def 4K content should be available to customers sometime between February and March of 2015. The new 4K content will be new channels offered by DIRECTV and if customers do not have a 4K TV, they will be unable to reap the benefits of the highest resolution picture currently available.

DIRECTV senior VP Phil Goswitz, told SpaceFlightNow.com that “This satellite is bringing the new technology of high-power reverse band and 4K Ultra HD to the world.”

DIRECTV currently offers 4K content via their streaming network, but this is a first in the industry in terms of mass availability of 4K content being made readily available to the masses.

Mr. Goswitz went on to say “DIRECTV will use this new technology to create the most advanced broadcast available — live, linear 4K Ultra HD services that at this moment do not even exist. 4K Ultra HD technology is a brand new technology and many have doubts and indecision about it, but not at DIRECTV.”

With these couple of sentences, DIRECTV is making it extremely clear that they plan on supporting 4K content broadcasting in a major way in the coming years. The launching of a satellite earmarked specifically for this type of content is not a cheap investment for any company to undertake. These types of investments can cost corporations and governments several hundred million dollars, even when splitting the costs of the launch, and depending on the cost of the satellite itself being put into orbit.

There is no word yet though on how many actual channels of 4K content will become available, or what those channels will be. Many customers have expressed hope that DIRECTV will commit these newly available channels to sports and premium movie channels according to various social media sites.



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