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3 Easy and Simple Ways to Make Sure Your TV Lasts A Long Time

3 Ways to Keep Your TV A Long, Long Time
Most people want the things they buy to last as long as possible, but do not always know or think about ways to ensure they get the most time out of their purchase. Listed below are three easy and simple ways to help you extend the life of your Television purchase.



1. Turn It Off
If you are not watching your TV, turn it off. Every item we buy, including a TV is only going to last us so long. Why waste the life of your TV by having it run when you are not there to enjoy it? If you are going to be out of the room for more than 5 minutes, turn your set off. Following this one simple rule can save you dozens of hours of TV life over the course of two to three years.

2. Brightness

Most TVs come straight from the factory with their brightness level turned much higher than it actually should be or needs to be. Unless you insist on having a super bright picture, make sure you turn it down as soon as you get the TV set up in your home. Having the brightness set too high causes your TV to have to work so much harder to throw out all that extra light. When something has to work harder, it usually means that it will not last nearly as long as it could. Have someone help you adjust the brightness on your new purchase so that the picture appears much more realistic, which usually means it will also show alot more detail than it does when you first plug it in.

3. Contrast
The contrast setting on a TV shows the difference between the darkest and lightest colors displayed on the screen. If your TVs contrast (also sometimes called picture level) is set to high, it causes your TV to have to work that much harder once again leaching hours away from the life of your purchase. Most TVs give you the option of watching in Standard mode or Vivid/Dynamic mode. If the option is there, always take the standard mode setting as this will keep your TV working at a much more efficient level, thus extending its life by a considerable amount of hours over the next two to three years. Another benefit to using Standard mode on your TV is that it will display a more realistic HD picture for you and your family to enjoy.


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