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2nd Place is a Great Place for Roku

2nd Place is a Great Place for Roku

Anthony Wood, CEO and founder of the company that makes the ROKU NET TV streaming device, has announced that they have now sold more than 10 million units. This puts them in 2nd place to APPLE (who has sold 20 million units) in the internet TV streaming device market.

These numbers speak volumes not only about the rising popularity of the ROKU devices, but of streaming video in general. Roku’s popularity is due in part to them offering their service in several different types of devices, but also because of the vast amount of content they offer through their devices, both free and subscription based.

Outside of the subscription based services they stream such as Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and HULU PLUS, there is no charge outside of the initial purchase price to use their devices. The vast array of free movies and TV series available to watch through their devices makes them very appealing to informed consumer. It is these same reasons that Roku and Net TV streaming will continue to grow and expand in popularity.

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