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Buffalo Wild Wings Fredricksburg VA

BWW Fredricksburg VA Upgrade

(2) BenQ MH750 Projectors with Wyrestorm Multi-view Decoders


Abbott’s AVDI, Just finished yet another Buffalo Wild Wings in Fredericksburg Virginia. Using the most innovative hardware in the industry like: Crestron, Wyrestorm, BenQ, LG, DBX and Crown. In this build out we have two multiview projection screens, over 40 monitors, 16 sources, DirecTV metadata feedback on the touchscreens, A full-service page to help with troubleshooting and many many more options. We have advanced our system over the years to a perfect fit for the hospitality industry and for a reasonable price. We have worked in over 300 hospitality project in the last 15 years and due to that experience we are able to be very efficient and structured to handle the high demands need to finish these projects quickly.

Thank you to the crew for getting it done!!!

If you have a similar project feel free to call us immediately on toll-free number 888-990-AVDI (2834).



Innovation Saves $$$


Abbott’s AudioVisualDesignInstall

Well we’re doing it again!!! Killing it out there with new concepts and ideas all while using innovative ways to keep the cost down to our end users!!!



This is our ceiling hung back-to-back 2×4 video walls. You can make any four TVs one 110″ screen or make them all different if you like. Some people may say its been done before time and time again in major markets but we’re bringing it to smaller markets for a smaller price using software and innovation to drive this beast. In the past you needed processors and specific TVs to make this happen,$5-10k for the video wall processor and $2500 per TV. That’s 30k per side not including wiring, mounting, video system and labor.


However our Video walls are made up of regular 55″ Sharp monitors, cost $600 each, our innovative video wall software cost is free with our video system. Totaling to be around $4800.00 per side instead of $30,000.00.

Not too many AV companies can do what we do for the price, in fact none of them can!!!


New Orleans BWW Chooses AVDI

TV’s, TV’s and more TV’s… Franchisees Raj Ataya and Amit Patel do it big with the new Elmwood BWW store just out side of New Orleans.  How many TV’s and components you ask??? 70 TV’s, 7 Projo’s, 12 satellite boxes, 3 cable boxes, a 25 speaker sound system, several miles of wire and 2 Matrix switchers with BuffaloTV to Control it all.

System Features:

-1 80″ SHARP

-4 70″ SHARP’S









If you have any questions or if you’re interested in a quote for an up coming project please contact Jason at 888-990-AVDI(2834) or sales@avdiusa.com.


Thanks for Looking,

The AVDI Team

AVDI TV Brokering Hot Deals!!!!!

AVDI TV Brokering Hot Deals!!!!!

What is AVDI TV Brokering??? Well just what it sounds like… We handle all the leg work of beating up the prices of the major players in the retail TV game(Best Buy, H.H. Gregg, ABC Warehouse, Tiger Direct etc…) to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. Whom ever has the best price at the time your needing the TV’s gets your business. We also can have it delivered to the site or set a side for a local pick if one of these Retailers are near you. You might ask why don’t you just go in to these Retailers and do the same thing we’re doing??? Well a couple of reasons why you should go through AVDI: We take care of the whole processes from beginning to end, we assist in any Service related issues after install, we already have pricing and relationships established to insure the best quality product for the best price just to name a few. If you have any questions or need more info please contact Jason at 888-990-AVDI(2834)




SHARP 90″ AQUOS LED HDTV RETAIL$ 9999.00      AVDI PRICE $6699.00




SHARP 80″ AQUOS LED HDTV RETAIL$ 3999.00      AVDI PRICE $3199.00 




SHARP 70″ AQUOS LED HDTV RETAIL$ 2299.00      AVDI PRICE $1849.00



LG 60″ LED TV 1080P FULL HD  RETAIL $1499.95       AVDI PRICE $899.00



LG 50″ LED TV 1080P FULL HD  RETAIL $899.95       AVDI PRICE $630.00.





SHARP Big Screen Deals!!!


pricing located at the bottom of the screen…




Exclusive Quattron™ color technology delivers a billion more colors, so you get a more powerful picture with brighter yellows, deeper blues, and richer golds. By adding 2 million yellow subpixels, Quattron creates a more realistic picture with greater detail and brightness – a feat that standard TV simply can’t achieve.



The advanced AQUOS® UV2A Display uses a unique, precision pixel structure to deliver dynamic HD images. With technology that’s created to let more light through in bright scenes and fight light leakage in dark scenes, the AQUOS UV2A Display with a 12 million: 1 contrast ratio creates pulse-racing picture every time.




Super Bright™, a new high-brightness panel combined with an intelligent contrast engine, constantly analyzes the signal and enhances the brightness of the bright objects on the screen while maintaining the black levels on the rest of the screen. The result is a more brilliant, more contrasted picture.





A Smart TV with Dual-Core processor and built-in Wi-Fi, the 8 Series lets you quickly access apps streaming movies, music, games, and websites.


60″  $999.00

70″ $1759.00

80″ $3249.00

90″ $5775.00

pricing is subject to change without notice and is updated every Sunday. All TV come with standard Sharp warranty but we have extended warranties available.




Strong™ Universal Fine Adjust Projector Mount for Projectors up to 50 lbs. (Black)



Equipped with longer mounting arms and security screw holes, this projector mount is specifically designed to handle oversized models up to 50 lbs., including JVC projectors, while offering maximum installation flexibility. It features tool-less adjustments – so getting the ideal alignment is a breeze – and has a simple three-piece design that minimizes time spent at the top of the ladder.


  • Tool-Less Adjustments
    Getting a projector image to perfectly align with a screen is easier said than done. Thankfully this mount simplifies the process with easy-to-use vertical tilt, horizontal roll and yaw adjustments. Just pop off the cover and use the tool-less dials to make micro adjustments until the ideal alignment is achieved – no tightening or loosening of the screws required.
  • Maximum Mounting Flexibility 
    For the most versatility in your next installation, this projector mount features longer arms that extend for up to 17.7” diameter mounting. Plus it has a series of slots on the arms and the bottom plate that provide almost limitless placement options, so it’s easy to get the projector perfectly positioned. Need to install directly in concrete or ceiling drywall? Not a problem – just use the included hardware.
  • Easy as 1, 2, 3
    A smart three-piece design makes it easy to get this projector securely installed – without having to fumble around at the top of the ladder. The top plate attaches to the ceiling and screws into the mount assembly body, while the bottom plate (with attached projector) simply slides and locks into place. It makes installing the product – and taking down the projector for servicing – fast and easy. Now that’s what we call installer friendly!
  • Security Screws
    When it comes to projector installs, a secure attachment is key. That’s why this mount features multiple security screws for projector attachment, as well as screws on each side of the mounting base – which all help to lock things in place. Move the mount around until you get the perfect center of gravity for the projector, then tighten down the screws and you’re good to go!
  • Extension Needed?
    If you want to drop the projector off the ceiling with an extension pole, we’ve included a separate ceiling plate to allow for easy connection to the pipe. For specialized applications, check out our other ceiling attachment options: SM-CEILING-CA and SM-CEILING-TRUSS.
  • Universal Fit
    High ceiling? No problem. Equipped with standard NPT threading, this mount is compatible with any 1-1/2” NPT poles or extension devices – offering maximum flexibility for your install.


Lifetime Limited Warranty
All Strong Mounts have a Lifetime Limited Warranty. This warranty includes parts and labor repairs on all components found to be defective in material or workmanship under normal conditions of use. This warranty shall not apply to products which have been abused, modified or disassembled. Products to be repaired under this warranty must be returned to SnapAV or a designated service center with prior notification and an assigned return authorization number (RA).

Ultra HD TV Makes A Big (Screen) Difference

Ultra High-Definition television is here, bringing four times the resolution of today’s FullHD 1080p sets and promising high-quality images tailor-made for today’s big-screen sizes.

At a time when flat-panel TVs are trending dangerously close to commoditization, Ultra HD is expected to deliver consumers what they seek most from a new television purchase — maximum picture quality.

At the same time, Ultra HD product deployments should eventually incentivize a new market for native high-resolution content, which will lead to Ultra HD delivery over cable and satellite systems, new home playback formats like Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs, and next-generation Ultra HD Internet streaming.


twi1319uhdToshiba 65L9300U


Even future Ultra HD over-the-air TV broadcasts are not out of the realm of possibility.

With the arrival of larger and larger TV screen sizes, Ultra HD TVs and video projectors will produce much more detail and less visible pixels than 1080p TVs. They will also allow sitting closer to the screen, which is important for big-screen lovers with small viewing spaces.

Viewers will see images with even smoother edges and greater depth, and for sets with fast screen-refresh rates, pictures can appear to be almost 3D, without the need for glasses.

While Ultra HD offers significant advantages for very large-screen TV viewing, it also offers benefits for smaller screen sizes.

“When all content sources are considered, there is really no limit to how small the screen can be in order to derive benefits from the higher resolution and the ability to be much closer to the screen, such as the immersive experience on new gaming platforms or pixel peeping during editing of high-megapixel RAW image files,” offered Rey Roque, Westinghouse Digital marketing VP.

Another benefit is that Ultra HD 3DTVs using passive polarized glasses will be able to display 1080p (1,920 by 1,080) images to each eye, instead of cutting the resolution in half as passive 1080p 3D displays do.

According the Consumer Electronics Association’s (CEA) definition, the minimum resolution for Ultra HD displays is 3,840 by 2,160 progressively displayed horizontal and vertical pixel lines, or four times the resolution of a 1,920 by 1,080 image.

The resolution level is also informally referred to as “4K,” because it has roughly 4,000 horizontal pixels, but technically speaking, 4K denotes a very specific display resolution of 4,096 by 2,160.

In its “U.S. Consumer Electronics Sales and Forecast July 2013” report, CEA projected Ultra HD shipments to reach 57,000 units, and shipment revenue to earn $314 million in 2013. Ultra HD shipments are expected by the association to go on to surpass the 1 million unit mark in 2015, when more native Ultra HD content should be available.

Simply put: “Ultra HD promises to be the next big video product driving change in content, cameras, security, retailing, displays and even audio. It will drive growth across the entire consumer technology ecosystem,” stated CEA president and CEO Gary Shapiro.

Next-generation broadcast standards are already being drawn up to support Ultra HD signals, and archives of Ultra HD movies and television programs are ready and waiting in Hollywood vaults for home release.

Still, as in the early days of high-definition TV, widespread availability of native Ultra HD content is a couple of years away. Therefore, many TV manufacturers have designed today’s Ultra HD products to include advanced up-scaling and picture-processing systems that multiply the number of lines in 1080p and 720p (or lower) images to fit the extra pixel lines of an Ultra HD screens.

But will that be enough to drive sales where recent attempts to drive 3DTVs failed?

Unlike 3D, as more and more high-value 4K content is produced over time, applications outside of consumers’ homes will make them a staple in the commercial, industrial, medical and command/control industries.

And with prices for Ultra HD TVs already dropping below $999, it seems likely that over time consumer displays will migrate to 4K just as they did to 1080p.

“Much of the content being shot today is being done in 4K,” said Pablo Espinosa, Sony Electronics TV products engineer. “Only 4K delivers the real picture originally intended by the director of the film. That’s important to us, because Sony provides the whole end-to-end 4K solution from capturing to the screen.”


By Greg Tarr On Sep 25 2013 – 2:40pm

JBL Professional Subwoofer


For those who prefer the simplicity of a self-powered subwoofer.
18” powered Subwoofer
  • JBL designed 350W 18” subwoofer with 3” voice-coil
  • Neutrik® Speakon® NL4 and 1/4″ TS connectors
  • Extremely durable and portable design


Features : :
  • The rugged enclosure is constructed from 19 mm (.75 in) MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) using advanced adhesives and mechanical fastener technology for durability and improved lowfrequency performance. The enclosure is covered in black carpet.
  • Heavy duty, all steel handles are used.
  • A top mounted, cast aluminum 35 mm pole mount receptacle can receive an optional SS3BK pole to facilitate use of the JRX118SP as a base for a mid-high speaker cabinet.
  • Built-in 500 W (peak), 300 W (continuous) amplifier. Controls, connectors, and indicators are clearly labeled with large, highcontrast graphics for easy operation in poorly lit environments.
  • Integral, preset limiter prevents clipping distortion. An LED illuminates to indicate that limiting is taking place.
  • Line-level stereo inputs are summed before being sent to the subwoofer’s internal amplifier. This feature allows the JRX118SP to operate in stereo systems using a single subwoofer.
  • An integral crossover also provides balanced, line-level, stereo, highpassed outputs to feed powered satellite speakers or an external amplifier for passive satellites.
  • A speaker-level, .25 in TS phone jack is provided. This input is useful in applications, such as those employing powered mixers, in which it is more practical to bring a full-range, speaker-level signal to the subwoofer amplifier.


Power Rating   : 300 W / 500 W


Frequency Range   : 38 Hz – 300 Hz
(-10 dB)


(H x W x D)
  : 597 mm x 516 mm x 597 mm
(23.5 in x 20.3 in x 23.5 in)


Frequency Response   : 55 Hz – 300 Hz
(±3 dB)


Maximum SPL   : 123 dB


Weight   : 40.4 kg (89 lb)


Low Frequency Driver   : JBL 2043-G


Input Connectors   : XLR/M (x2) (line level, balanced): .25 in TS phone jack (x1) (speaker level)


Output Connectors   : XLR/F (x2) (Selectable, Thru or High Pass)



– See more at: http://www.harmanpro.com/estore/pro/us/products/JBL-Professional-JRX118SP/JBL%20Professional%20%20JRX118SP_PRO_US?skuId=JRX118SP_PRO_US&searchMode=regularProductOnly#sthash.PYynZTaa.dpuf

BWW Short Pump Virginia AV Upgrade


Scope of Work:

Replaced the 10  TVs over the knee wall with Bigger updated LED TV’s. Then we took the TV’s from the knee wall and distributed them through out the store to fill in serious entertainment gaps. We installed a couple double stacks, raise and cleaned up the projector installs. Updated their BuffaloTV to the newest version and checked all functions.

Added Materials:

2 70″ Sharp LED TV’s

4 60″ Sharp LED TV’s

4 50″ LG LED TV

Viewsonic Projector Lamp Rebate!!!



With ViewSonic’s selection of PJD6 network-enabled projectors, your customers can efficiently control and monitor multiple projectors for any size campus or enterprise. With options including XGA and WXGA resolution, 2,500 to 3,000 lumens, and regular and short throw choices, ViewSonic has the networkable projector to suit any need. Now for a limited time, buy any combination of 5 projectors from our selected PJD6 models below, and receive a FREE lamp of your choice ($279 MSRP)!


Feature-rich Projectors at Great Prices!
PJD6235 PJD6353s PJD6543w
Resolution XGA 1024×768 XGA 1024×768 WXGA 1280×800
Lumens 3,000 2,500 3,000
HDMI & Networkable Yes Yes Yes
3D-Ready Yes Yes Yes
Throw Ratio 1.86:1 0.61:1 1.5:1
FREE Lamp Model! RCL-078 RCL-070 RCL-085
For a limited time only!
Visit Finch Club today to download the claim form.
Please reference Special Approval #130910-IR-USRESELLER-02. Program, pricing, specifications and availability are subject to change without notice. Offer valid October 1 – December 31, 2013, while supplies last. Offer available only to SPG accounts. Selections, offers and programs may vary by country. Offer good in U.S. only. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Certain restrictions apply. Void where prohibited. Corporate names and trademarks stated herein are the property of their respective companies. Copyright © 2013, ViewSonic Corporation. All rights reserved. [16850-00C-09/13]
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