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Buffalo Wild Wings Fredricksburg VA

BWW Fredricksburg VA Upgrade

(2) BenQ MH750 Projectors with Wyrestorm Multi-view Decoders


Abbott’s AVDI, Just finished yet another Buffalo Wild Wings in Fredericksburg Virginia. Using the most innovative hardware in the industry like: Crestron, Wyrestorm, BenQ, LG, DBX and Crown. In this build out we have two multiview projection screens, over 40 monitors, 16 sources, DirecTV metadata feedback on the touchscreens, A full-service page to help with troubleshooting and many many more options. We have advanced our system over the years to a perfect fit for the hospitality industry and for a reasonable price. We have worked in over 300 hospitality project in the last 15 years and due to that experience we are able to be very efficient and structured to handle the high demands need to finish these projects quickly.

Thank you to the crew for getting it done!!!

If you have a similar project feel free to call us immediately on toll-free number 888-990-AVDI (2834).



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