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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Several Reasons Why the AT&T and DirecTV Merger Will be Approved

Investors and customers are waiting anxiously to hear an announcement that the Federal Government has approved the merger between AT&T and DirecTV.

Signs are definitely pointing towards the merger being approved since the Justice Department, FCC and SEC offices have been swarmed for the past week or more with reps from both companies involved.  All parties involved are apparently scrambling to provide answers and figures to the proper government agencies, and hammering out detailed answers to new questions the regulatory authorities are asking.

This activity, paired with the recent filings that show the companies have met with Anti-trust regulators is a major sign that the 45 billion dollar merger is close to being approved.

The companies have also sweetened the deal they are presenting to the government by presenting detailed plans to deliver their internet services to an additional 2 million households throughout the U.S. Discussions have also been held to plan out how AT&T wireless customer bills will be affected by the merger. Interconnection fees has also been the main topic during several meetings and how this merger would affect companies that pay these fees (such as Netflix) to guarantee their content moves across the net in a high quality manner.

Allowing fees like this is a hot topic currently because it would allow major companies like this to determine which video streaming services remain uninterrupted, and thus more popular with consumers. These fees are one of the major reasons the merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable was denied by regulators early in the talks.

Comcast in Talks to Purchase T-Mobile

Rumors are leaking out that telecom giant Deutsche Telekom is in talks with several groups to purchase the US arm of T-Mobile, with Comcast considered to be the favored buyer at this point in time.


Sources have stated that the German company would prefer Comcast to buy T-Mobile over the other potential buyers because of their ability to purchase all shares of stock. Deutsche Telekom is also in talks with Dish Network to possibly purchase the mobile carrier as well, but is keeping the door open for other potential companies interested in purchasing it.

Comcast was in negotiations to purchase Time Warner, but backed out of the deal because of regulatory issues with the US Federal government.

Both Comcast and Deutsche Telekom have declined to comment on the potential deal.

Dish Network in Talks to Merge with T-Mobile

News of this merger was first reported by the New York Times last week, which caused shares of Dish Network stock to surge nearly 5% in a single day of trading. Most market analysts are excited by the prospect of this merger and the fact that it will help both companies fully utilize the $60 billion data bandwidth pipeline that Dish has amassed and built over the years.

Market analysts also feel that this merger will give the new company more negotiating clout with Hollywood in the future for films, television series and sporting events. This is the third major merger in the works or on the table that will affect Hollywood and future licensing agreements.

If this merger is approved, T-Mobile CEO John Legere would be the new company’s CEO, and Charlie Ergen the current CEO of Dish would become the new chairman of the board.

The merger would help Dish provide would include an extremely fast, nationwide voice and data network, a broadband network for home and mobile device customers, television and even an expanded outlet for its Sling TV online service.

While the talks are still in the very early stages of negotiation, management roles have been agreed upon, and talks are moving forward. The negotiations are expected to be fairly slow though, so that both sides are 100% sure of their parts in the newly formed company, all debts are accounted for and transferred, and to ensure that they have the support of shareholders as well as the federal government.


DIRECTV Adds New HD Channel

Directv has announced that they are now offering Nick Jr. in HD for its current customers. This channel is extremely popular in households with young children in the 3-8 year old range and offers popular shows such as Dora the Explorer and Bubble Guppies.

Directv’s recent receiver release, the D14, is believed to be behind the release of this channel in HD. This receiver was designed to allow increases in HD content, as well as their future release of 4K content to viewers.

Viewers can expect more HD and 4K content in the coming months with the expected release of their D15 receiver. This unit is expected to be fully operational and available to consumers by the end of summer or beginning of fall.

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