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Monthly Archives: May 2014

LG Again Cuts the Price on Their 55-inch OLED TV!!!


LG now selling its’ 55-inch OLED TV For a new low price of $4,999

Last fall, LG showcased its 55-inch curved display OLED television for a whopping $14,999. Today though LG released a statement saying that you can now purchase this TV at Amazon.com as well as Bestbuy.com for only $4,999.00. This is a huge drop from the original release price.

This follows a trend of price drops for this TV since its release. In November the price was slashed to $8,999 as part of LG’s holiday promotions. This was done to bring the price more inline with the Samsung 55-inch curved screen OLED TV, which had been priced at $8,999 as well. Samsung’s price for their TV has not come down since last fall, it is still available for $8,999.

In february of this year, LG dropped the price again, this time to $6,999. Followed by a drop to $5,999 in march, and now to a new low of $4,999.

When Samsung reduced the price of their curved screen TV to $8,999 last August, it put LG in a tough spot since these two TVs are considered exteremly close in terms of quality, picture, etc. Lg’s price cutting since then has been done to sway customers over to their product instead of Samsung’s TV.




ESPN Considers Selling Their Online Soccer Separate From Current Packages


ESPN Considers Selling Their Online Soccer Separate From Current Packages

ESPN has announced that they are considering selling access to live Major League Soccer games online with having to pay for a TV service subscription.

This potential change to the marketplace could be huge for ESPN because of the large population of Hispanics living in the US, who are well known for their love of soccer. A recent study also shows that this portion of the market are more likely to stream or use mobile devices to watch games, rather than pay a monthly TV subscription fee.

ESPN has stated that they need to be careful not to upset pay TV subscribers though, as well as cable and SAT distributors by offering the same programming online that people are currently required to have a  subscription to view. By providing an online edition of their programming the cable and SAT providers potentially could lose subscribers and therefore lose money in the process. Why would you pay a monthly fee for TV services if you are able to watch them online for a greatly reduced price.

An example of this is the WWE’s new online streaming service, the WWE Network. They have come under fire from DIRECTV and Dish who have stated that this Network’s product offering of Pay Per View events for $9.99 a month undermines their higher priced versions that are marketed to the SAT providers home audiences. In a show of protest, both SAT providers have stopped offering WWE PPV events this year in a move aimed at reigning in this giant money maker.

Only time will tell if ESPN will have the same issues that the fledgling WWE Network is having in conjunction with the SAT and Cable TV providers, or if they will be able to smooth out any issues that might arise from their new offering.

AMX Bought out by Harman Group

AMX Bought out by Harman Group

Harman is the leader in smart connectivity. Our vision is to extend our reach beyond the car into the enterprise, where we already have a substantial audio presence,” Dinesh C. Paliwal, Chairman, President and CEO of Harman, said as part of the announcement

“AMX is the global technology leader in enterprise control and automation as well as audio and video switching and distribution. With the addition of AMX, HARMAN will be uniquely positioned to provide complete audio, video, lighting and automation solutions to our customers globally.”

“Harman is a world-class company, and this transaction will provide additional opportunities to grow the AMX business,” said Robert L. Fealy, President and Chief Operating Officer, the Duchossois Group, and Chairman of AMX. “The sale to Harman  fulfills one of our fundamental objectives, which was to position this business with a leading entity that will take AMX to an even higher level of performance and success.”

The deal, the companies said, “is subject to customary closing conditions, including applicable regulatory approvals.” There was no timetable listed for the closing.

Coming Soon! A New DIRECTV-NFL Sunday Ticket Deal

Coming Soon! A New DIRECTV-NFL Sunday Ticket Deal

A statement was released today by  DIRECTV CEO Mike White that says he is still “highly confident” that his company will be able renew its Sunday Ticket deal with the NFL.

The current agreement between the NFL and DIRECTV, which allows them to show every Sunday regular season game played, will expire at the end of the coming season.

DIRECTV renegotiating a new contract with the NFL is important not only to fans and their customer base, but also pivotal in their planned merger with AT&T. The telcomm giant has stated in filings with the SEC that it’s purchase of DIRECTV is contingent on the SAT provider being able to come to new terms with the NFL to continue offering the NFL Sunday Ticket.

Analysts have stated that the contingency language used in the filing would not have been used, unless both parties were highly confident that a new deal could be reached with the NFL.




AT&T Announces it Has Purchased DIRECTV

AT&T Announces it Has Purchased DIRECTV

DIRECTV and AT&T has issued a joint press release today confirming that the SAT provider has been purchased by the Telcom giant in a stock and cash deal valued at $95.00 per share. The press release went on to state that the corporate boards of both companies involved have approved the deal.

The merging of these two powerhouse companies is likely to have wide reaching consequences in the technology market. It is speculated that this merger could be the factor that causes more company mergers and consolidations in the industry by other major players fighting to remain competitive. If federal agencies approve this deal and the Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger, two behemoths that can dominate the industry will have been created. This will very likely reduce the power and ability of smaller companies to compete in the marketplace. This could very likely be the deciding factor that makes these smaller providers realize they need to merger or acquire other companies just to survive the fallout of the larger mergers.

What will happen here is yet to be seen though. The FCC and Justice department could approve one of the two mergers, they could approve both mergers, or they may deny both filings and not allow either of these two mergers to take place. This last choice is unlikely, but it would possibly be the best route to take, since it would keep the playing level and fair for all parties directly or indirectly involved or affected by these mergers.



No Price Hike in Sight for Current Netflix Subscribers

No Price Hike in Sight for Current Netflix Subscribers

Great news for Netflix subscribers! It would appear that there will be no increase in your monthly subscription fees in the foreseeable future. While this is great news to most customers, it does have many scratching their heads and wondering why?


Considering that Netflix has grown into a huge company with over 44 million subscribers worldwide at the end of 2013, it is a safe bet that they could easily increase their monthly fee by as little as $1-3 dollars per customer per month, and see a huge increase in revenues and profits.  Even with the probable loss of some customers, the increase in subscription fees would more than make up for that loss.

Netflix has stated though that it will only raise their price by $1.00 per month, and that price increase only affects new customers. Current US customers are not supposed to see a price increase for at least two more years according to the company.

One reason Netflix does not want to rock the boat by raising prices, is that they want to remain competitive in the market place and not lose customers to other services like HULU Plus, REdbox Instant, Apple, Google, and Amazon.

It’s safe to say that in two years, if they keep their prices the same as they are currently, alot of the current competition will no longer be around to present a threat to them. It will be then that we see them start to raise their prices somewhat, so long as they maintain their current customer base and rising popularity.






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The AVDI Team

Heritage Foods Chooses Abbott’s AVDI for new Conference Room!!!!

Heritage Foods Head Quarters in Fort Wayne, IN New Conference Room

Heritage Foods Corp have several locations and thousands of Employees through-out the Globe that they need to Communicate with on a regular basis. Meetings, Conference and Seminars to update their people on the newest and best Products in their Industries is absolutely necessary to survive. Well they called AVDI to satisfy their needs and WE delivered and then some…. Heritage couldn’t be happier with the result, actually they’re already planning for other projects in their company for us to complete. If you have any questions or want a quote on a similar system for yourself please contact us at 888-990-AVDI(2834). Thanks for looking!!!


System Special Attributes:

-Complete System Control via Wireless Smart Phones, Tablets and X-panel Control via Computer.

-Presentation Document Push and Pull to All Monitors and Wireless Smart Devices via Crestron AM-100

-Global Video and Voice Conferencing.



Equipment List:

-IC Realtime IP Camera with VOIP

-Crestron CP3 Processor

-Crestron AM-100 AirMedia Presentation Gateway

-Viewsonic Pro8520HD 1080P 5000 Lumens Projectors

-Dragonfly 110″ Projection Screens

-Toshiba 50 LED TV

-Wirestorm Hdmi Matrix Switcher

-Binary HDbaseT HDMI over Cat5/Cat6 Transmitters/Receivers

-Episode In-Ceiling Speakers

-AKG Wireless Microphones